Diving and Angling Charters

Diving Charters

Castaway lends herself to many different diving requirements, for example easy going novice diving this requires a good stable relaxed environment in sheltered, comparatively shallow water so they can concentrate on kit and the dive rather than having to cope with sea conditions etc
Further up the skills ladder, she is ideal for recreational diving to all levels a little further offshore in average depths.

On again to the more demanding dives in deeper water, further offshore where the fast effortless speed achieved with twin engines reduces travelling times and client stress levels, dive planning can be done in the comfort of the lounge or on the spacious flying bridge

we have a very high level fitout of electronics which includes three different track plotters three echo sounders and sidescan sonar as well as three vhf radios  this level of redundancy ensures we never lose your day!!


Fishing Charters

The castaways fast cruising speed in excess of 30 knots enables the prime mid channel wrecksites to be reached in record time enabling our clients to have more fishing enjoyment.
although the boat is licenced for 10 passengers we only fish five rods at any one time usually rotating between the comfortable flybridge and sunbeds or down below in the cockpit area,thereby reducing line tangles and allowing the crew to give a very high level of individual attention.