The Skipper

David Saywell has been at sea or under it for most of his working life of ????years

In the sixties as a boy rating in the navy he saw how the other half lived and had been twice around the world by the time he was sixteen

In the early seventies he completed one of the first commercial diver training courses available and for nearly a decade worked offshore in the north sea, the gulf of Mexico and Brazil deep mixed gas diving/supervising

The eighties saw the purchase of several shipwrecks and his workboat “James Alexander” used for marine salvage and diving charters, and deep sea angling on many of the virgin wrecks he was locating at that time

The nineties progressed to a teaching role as principle instructor and diving supervisor at an HSE approved commercial diving school training naval divers to north sea standards and crewing for over a decade on Pooles RNLI lifeboat (at the time britain's busiest with 250+ shouts a year)

In the new millennium CastawayUK  have expanded their RYA courses gaining school recognition for most of the powerboat and motor cruising practical courses, as well as shorebased theory in VHF Radio, Radar, sea survival etc, up to yachtmaster offshore level

With the addition to the fleet of “Castaway” a Rodman 41 motor cruiser with a top specification of twin volvo engines delivering nearly 1000hp a "joy" stick for easy manouvering with IPS state of the art propulsion, and the most sophisticated electronics fit out anywhere,  we continue to move forward and remain adaptable to meet new challenges.